You Better Shop Around

Not only is this post named after a Motown classic, it’s also a very good mantra for students to have. The folks who give out student loans aren’t exactly generous so once we’ve paid our rent, had a few nights out and paid off overdue library fines – we don’t have much money left for food.

This is where supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl come into their own, they offer us cheaper options of our favourite brands so we can afford luxuries like Starbucks and pick ‘n’ mix. When you step into Lidl it feels like you’ve stepped into a different country, one where you can buy a loaf of bread for under 50p and hash browns for 89p. Plus it smells like bakery which is incentive enough to pop in.

One of my new hobbies is shopping in the reduced section, you get some fantastic food at a fraction of the price, what’s not to love!


Total: Ā£2.06

Today Joanna and I went on a supermarket crawl (incl. 2 Tescos, Co-Op, Marks and Spencers and Holland & Barrett) to see what bargains we could find and we returned home happy with bags full of reduced fruit and veggies.

To find the highest reductions, hit the shops after 7pm when supermarkets reduce their stock by as much as 75%. Take sell by dates with a pinch of salt, you can tell when something has actually gone off.

Top 3 bargains

  • Vegetable sushi – 24p Tesco
  • Huge box of strawberries – Ā£1.20 ASDA
  • Rhubarb pie – 25p Co-Op

Happy bargain hunting!


6 thoughts on “You Better Shop Around

  1. I am not a student, but I definitely know what you’re talking about – been there, done that! šŸ™‚ I actually still love Lidl and Aldi for their prices, I just wish they stocked more organic foods. But Tesco is getting pretty expensive here in Ireland. Btw, I’ve never seen vegetable sushi there! Are they nice?

    Anyway, thanks for following my blog! I’m going to follow yours and hope to see some more great posts from you!


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