Mission Reveganise

This time last year, I wouldn’t even consider being vegan again but one day, I’m not sure why, but I woke up and decided that cutting out all animal products from my diet would make me happier and it certainly has.

Being vegan is nothing new to me, I’ve actually spent over half of my life being one. My mum brought me and my sister up as vegans and I have super cute memories of going to Vegan CampΒ and holidaying at vegan B&B’s.

My sister and I when we lived in Spain

My sister and I when we lived in Spain

I was proud to be the only one at school who didn’t eat meat and dairy but eventually I got fed up of watching the other children eating chocolate and cake so when my mum asked if I wanted to be vegetarian I said yes. As you can imagine, after 10 years of not being allowed to have dairy chocolate, I went a little crazy.

Eventually the novelty of being able to eat a wider range of foods wore off and over the summer of 2013 I began thinking about what the impact of eating dairy was having on animals as well as myself. My best friend Jasmine had recently turned vegan and she reminded me how easy and fun it was to cook vegan food so to me, it just made sense to become vegan again.

Since being vegan I have noticed positive changes in my health, attitude and body image. I am happier knowing that my cruelty footprint is virtually non-existent and that my actions are preventing the slaughter of defenceless animals.

So I urge you, if you’re not already vegan, to consider trying a meat and dairy free lifestyle for as little as one day per week as I promise you, you’ll feel much better for doing so.



2 thoughts on “Mission Reveganise

  1. I was wondering, when you were a child, did you get sick much? How did veganism effect your health when you were a child?
    The reason why I’m asking is because the moment I stopped ingesting dairy products, my health rapidly increased. I had bronchitis, ear infections, colds etc. continuosly when I was a child and I know now that a great deal of these ailments were because of the dairy intake.

    • Come to think of it, I was rarely ill. One thing that is significant is that my growth rate was much slower than other children, I’m still only 5ft now! But perhaps this is a genetic thing rather than my diet.
      My mum actually wrote a book about raising vegan children, it’s called “Compassionate Kids: Raising Children the Vegan Way” and it’s full of the recipes I had growing up and key facts about vegan children.

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