“My bathroom smells like grass”

This time last year I complained about a-levels, UCAS forms and my mum pestering me to tidy the kitchen after using it. This year I’m complaining about 10am starts, the price of cereal and unusual smells.

In a way, life has gotten much easier since coming to university. For a start I only have one 9am lecture all week, and living on campus means I can get up literally ten minutes before the class starts which is handy. Living (almost) on my own has resolved more problems than created them. I’ve always been independent and enjoyed tasks like cooking and food shopping, so that was never an issue for me but what I did struggle with was keeping the peace in our family home.

The family clan

The family clan

When I was at college I felt the immense pressure to do well in my a-levels and get into a good university and often neglected other people’s feelings, snapping at my parents and siblings for getting in my way and occasionally breaking down into tears after intense revision sessions. But now that I’ve moved away I appreciate the continuous support and help my family give me. Although there’s over 100 miles between us, I feel closer to my mum (or mummy) and text her all the time to see what she’s up to and tell her about my course.

Looking back and hearing myself complain that my mum made me load the dishwasher every evening makes me feel happy to say that at the moment my biggest complaint is that my bathroom smells like grass – old grass, not fresh grass – and I have a greater appreciation for the wonderful family I wasted time moaning about last year.


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