Treat of the Week: Sesame Snaps

DSCN1663To me, Sesame Snaps are a guilt-free snack because they replace my craving for chocolate. The satisfying crunch means I have something to nibble on when I’m out and about. Although they are covered in syrup, Sesame Snaps are a source of calcium and protein so they’re not all bad, and did I mention they’re only 157 calories per pack?

It’s rare that there’s a dairy free snack that you can get from most shops, for instance I was shocked to see that the local corner shop sold these – as well as some delicious looking vegan flapjacks which I’m resisting the urge to try.

You can buy a 4 pack of Sesame Snaps from Holland and Barrett (otherwise known as vegan paradise) for Ā£1.35 and have them on hand for late night cups of tea or morning revision session snacks.

What’s your favourite revision snack?



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