Eve goes to Spain

Like many students, I’m on my Easter break and like a lucky bunny – I got to go to Spain on holiday. As a vegan, I was worried about what I’d be able to eat in a foreign country but as an even luckier bunny, my Spanish grandma (or Abuela as we say in Spanish) is an amazing cook and created fantastic meat and dairy free dishes just for me.

Here are a few of the things I ate and did on holiday:

DSCN2326Hung out with my brother and sister on a mountain.
DSCN2315Drank fresh mountain water.


Enjoyed crunchy green apples and loquats, yum yum yum.

DSCN2401 2

Had a take away pizza with artichokes, peppers, onions and mushrooms.

DSCN2404 2


Ate a berry flavoured soya yogurt every night.

DSCN2379 2And had my favourite dish of the week – Russian salad with homemade eggless mayo.

How do you get on eating abroad? Let me know!



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