Healthy Hangover Cure

Sometimes waking up after a night out means eating everything in your path. Chips, take-away, massive vats of pasta – anything but vegetables. However I’ve found that eating huge amounts on a groggy stomach does not actually cure my hangover, but choosing the right hangover snack means I’m more inclined to crawl out of bed and enjoy a decent meal.

A while back I blogged about a shop boughtย nut roast that is easy to make and tastes almost as good as a home made one. After one particularly rough night I decided to create a fabulous nut roast sandwich and since then I have been enjoying it as a hungover meal, as well as a normal meal.


To make:

1. Prepare Artisan Nut Roast according to packet instructions (it’s really easy, don’t worry).

2. On brown bread, layer grilled peppers, sundried tomatoes, lettuce and a slice of nut roast.

3. Finish with sweet chilli sauce or vegan mayo.


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