Advice for vegan freshers

As the new academic year begins, Eve the Vegan Student returns! Yes, Eve is back after a very busy summer. 3 holidays, 2 festivals and 1 work placement have kept me occupied but a new term means lots of new recipes, ideas and vegan based ramblings are to come. Freshers week is well underway at most unis so I thought I’d give some tips for any vegan freshers struggling to settle in.

  •   Find a vegan/veggie society at freshers fair, not all unis have these, but that doesn’t stop you from setting one up yourself!
  •   Check out the new area where you live for cheap supermarkets and health food stores, Google will help you out here.

My room in halls last year, looking very uninviting

  •   Make your room look as snuggly and inviting as possible so you have somewhere nice to relax and recover from nights out.
  •   Speak to as many people as possible, you never know who you meant who you might end up living with next year.
One of our first pre drinks

One of our first pre drinks

  •   Eat what you want for the first few weeks, they’re stressful enough as it is without the pressure of diets or budgeting.
  •   If you’re feeling homesick then give your parents a ring, they’ll always make you feel better!




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