Super convenient vegan meals

Let’s face it, student’s aren’t going to spend their time cooking lavish and exquisite meals all the time so when you can’t be bothered to cook try these convenient meals – you can get them in most supermarkets. I’ve been living off these products the past few weeks while I adjust to cooking in a tiny, slightly disgusting shared kitchen.

Batchelors Cup a Soup DSCN3997 The tomato flavour is vegan and tastes quite alright, I have to put some extra salt and pepper in and have it with a alice of toast for lunch. Basil Pesto DSCN4000 Pesto is probably one of my favourite savoury things in the world, so this is always in my cupboard. Uncle Ben’s rice DSCN4004 This rice packs so much flavour, it can be enjoyed as a meal in itself. A meal which can be made in two minutes, what’s not to love? Ainsley Harriott cous cous DSCN3999 The ultimate convenience food in my books, have it with salad, chickpeas and roast vegetables for a gourmet meal in minutes. What do you like to eat in a rush?


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