Brighten up breakfast: ways to jazz up boring cereal

The cold weather and dark evenings mean it’s officially autumn. I’ve changed my blogs background from cute summery daisies to crunchy looking leaves to celebrate the season change which brings with it scarves, soup and staying in on weekends (yes, second year has turned me into a grandma). Frosty mornings require an exciting breakfast worth getting out of bed for and I find a hot bowl of porridge certainly does the trick.

Of course, there’s loads of other cereals out there you can top with fun stuff – Weetabix, bran flakes, Special K – but for the purpose of this post, I’ve stuck to porridge to illustrate some of the ways you can make something simple taste a bit more exotic. I used Lidl’s ‘Oh So Easy Oats’ as they come in handy portion sizes packs and although it would be more economical to by a big bag of oats, I like that you know exactly how much milk to use as I always get it wrong. I use sweetened soya milk with porridge as I find unsweetened milk makes cereal a bit dull.

So here’s what I like to have with cereal to jazz it up a bit, let me know what you like to add to your cereal in the comments below!



Waking up to one of your five a day will certainly put you in good stead for the day ahead. Berries like strawberries and blueberries work well with hot cereal as well as cold cereal like Special K but my favourite is raspberries and porridge mixed together to make a warm pink sludge. If you’re going to be particularly busy on a certain day, add banana for slow release energy.



Anything cinnamon flavoured makes me happy so our kitchen often smells quite fragrant after I’ve added cinnamon to cereal, toast or fruit in the mornings. You could also add some agave nectar for sweetness or a swirl of jam as well.

Fruit and nut



Fruit and nut adds a nice crunch to cereal. Holland & Barrett do a few types of breakfast sprinkles, they go well on salad or as a healthy snack. The Holland & Barrett sprinkles are great but a little pricey so I look out for the reduced stickers when I’m in the shop or I buy the Lidl ‘cereal and salad toppers’ which are sold in the snack aisle or by the tills.

Hot chocolate



However, my ultimate cereal creation is this naughty bowl of deliciousness which I treat myself to on weekends. Simply add 2 heaped teaspoons of hot chocolate powder to the oats and mix in, then make the porridge as you normally would. Or if adding to something like Weetabix make hot chocolate in a mug and pour over. Thank me later!




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