Little things uni taught me to appreciate

Last week I had a reading week and although I had to travel a total of 13 hours to get home and back to uni, it was most certainly worth it as I had seven luxurious days of home comforts. If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen I had A LOT of delicious meals out (anyone in Nottingham has to visit to Annie’s Burger Shack) so coming back to our tiny shared kitchen and seeing a pan full of mouldy meat was certainly a shock to the system.

Before university I never knew the joys of central heating, a television that works and a decent shower but after enduring the hardships of student life I’m much more appreciative of all the nice things I have at home. Nevertheless, I think it’s a good thing to experience the rough to enjoy the smooth and here is a list of the things I now appreciate a whole lot more:

Home cooked food



Nothing beats my mum’s cottage pie and not having it on a regular basis breaks my heart a tiny bit. I could make one myself but it takes time and energy and it probably won’t taste as good so why bother!

Quality toilet roll


It ain’t no Cushelle

I know it’s a really small thing to get excited about but when I returned home to quilted toilet paper, it brightened my day no end. I’m still coming to terms with using 79p rolls.

A clean house


Home is where the dishwasher is

Dishwashers are one of the best inventions ever and never have I longed for one more than when every single item of kitchenware is filthy. I also never realised how disgusting toilets get when your mum isn’t there cleaning them on a regular basis.

Tumble dryers


This was not part of the house description

As you can see our house is not blessed with a tumble dryer so whenever we do a load of washing it has to be precariously dried on our landing bannister, a small but frustrating part of university life.

A full fridge


The fridge on a ‘good day’

Coming home and seeing a fridge full of food was actually overwhelming, I didn’t even know where to start (luckily a Sunday roast was cooking so I didn’t have to worry for too long). A stark contrast to the current situation.

I may sound like I’m whining but really I wouldn’t have it any other way, uni is the best way to learn how to live on your own and do things for yourself, even if it does mean eating straight out of the pan to minimise washing up or buying the cheapest toilet roll so you can have money for cab fare – it’s not thaaat bad.





2 thoughts on “Little things uni taught me to appreciate

  1. I totally agree with the ‘clean house’ part, it’s so nice to have a nice kitchen 🙂 the cottage pie looks well nice xx

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