Treat of the week: Nakd bars


My luck must be in because the lovely people at Natural Balance Foods asked if I wanted a big ol’ box of Nakd bars to review and as a die hard Nakd bar fan, I accepted.

For me they’re the go to vegan snack because not only do they taste amazing, they’re made of 100% natural ingredients so I don’t feel guilty for snacking on them. They’re wheat, dairy and gluten free and don’t contain any added sugars, syrups or colouring, which can only be a good thing! If you haven’t tried these fruit and nut bars already, I strongly urge you to do so immediately.

The box I was sent contained some new flavours: Caffè Mocha, Cocoa Mint and Bakewell Tart as well as old classics like Gingerbread, Cashew Cookie and Cocoa Delight. It’s safe to say that the new flavours blew my socks off, Bakewell Tart tastes exactly like the dessert it was named after, Caffè Mocha has a surprisingly creamy texture and a really strong coffee/chocolate flavour and Cocoa Mint was an interesting one, chocolatey and tingly all at the same time.

This box will certainly last me a few weeks (if not days..) and has made me quite the popular student as I’ve handed out one or two bars to friends. Thanks again Natural Balance Foods for getting in touch, you’ve got one happy customer here!


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