Vegan lunch on the go

Lunch time is probably one of the most challenging meals for vegans because there’s so few options available that don’t contain cheese or mayo so the best way forward is to hand make your lunch the night before. This may feel like a pain in the bum at the time but you’ll be rewarded once your lunch break comes round the next day. Here are a few ideas I like to have, let me know if there’s anything major I’ve missed!


Cous cous is my new go to lunch because it’s cheap, easy and delicious if you know what to do with it. I like to chop up small amounts of vegetables (pepper, cucumber, spring onions, olives and lettuce for example) while the cous cous is cooking in a bowl and once it’s done and I’ve fluffed it up with a fork, I’ll add a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of soy sauce – sometimes I’ll even add a bit of sweet chilli sauce if I’m feeling wild.


Sandwiches can be fun too, ya know. If you don’t want to splash out on vegan alternatives to meat and cheese, a simple hummus, sun dried tomato and salad cob will do the trick. You could recreate the infamous, yet sadly discontinued ‘bugsy’ sandwich Boots did and have hummus, watercress and grated carrot on thick brown bread. Although you should also sign this petition if you want to bring the bugsy back to Boots!


If you’re looking for convenience then Veg.Out, a brand stocked by Holland and Barrett have loads of delicious meat free options to feast on. From porkpies to steakless bakes and chorizo slices, they have an alternative for any meat/pastry dish and they taste absolutely divine. I tend to find that they have a build up of reduced Veg.Out stuff at certain times of day so stock up on them and freeze them so I can have one whenever I fancy.


If you don’t feel like making your own lunch then there’s always Subway to lend a helping hand. The Veggie Delight is vegan, providing you choose a cheese free bread and you can have as many veggies on there as you like, I ask for everything except tomatoes myself. Unfortunately the veggie patty contains milk and eggs which is a mighty shame because I used to love it back in the vegetarian days.

There you go, four fabulous lunches to try. What do you like to have for lunch? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Vegan lunch on the go

  1. I love a salad subway, always get funny looks when I say I don’t want it with cheese though, haha. Couscous or pasta salads and chickpea sandwiches are my go-to lunch meals xx

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