It’s an exciting time to be vegan

When one of the biggest pop stars on the planet announces she’s vegan you know you’re doing the right thing. Beyoncé may have underwhelmed fans with the announcement of her knew lifestyle change but for vegans everywhere it was a small victory in making our beliefs become more mainstream. Things are changing and people are realising that eating meat and dairy isn’t sustainable or ethical, and that there are other options. Reading through issue six of Vegan Life magazine made me realise that now is a really exciting time to be vegan. New products and vegan companies are popping up everywhere and more people are becoming vegan by the day. There’s even accidental vegan products out there so there’s no reason to say it’s hard finding things a vegan can eat.

How cute are those cows?

How cute are those cows?

Another thing that has progressed over time is vegan cooking techniques, people used to think it was impossible to bake without eggs but now there’s lots of ways round that problem, as Vegan Life showed in this article. Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 21.22.19 If you’re really missing meat then why not try seitan or other mock meats? You can find things like mock duck at Chinese restaurants and health food shops. There’s loads of ways to cook and flavour them, and they’re so much better for you than animal flesh. Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 21.26.31 Of course there’s always Instagram as well for daily vegan inspiration accounts like @plantbasedjudy and  @accidentallyveganuk, not forgetting #vegan – a good time waster/amazing source of recipes ideas. Happy browsing!

*Disclaimer: I receive a digital subscription to Vegan Life Mag for free, but all views expressed are my own.


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