Adopt don’t shop

When I was reading the latest Vegan Life mag I was pleased to see that they had done something about adopting and rescuing animals. Although I have never had a pet myself because my mum didn’t believe that keeping animals was right, I still feel very strongly about the subject.

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There are thousands of animals in shelters who need homes because they have been abandoned, abused or had to be given up. Although buying a pet from a shop might seem like a good idea there are ethical implications about buying an animal this way as the shops make profit which contributes to the so called ‘puppy mill’ whereby the money you spend on buying a puppy goes towards breeding another litter of dogs in terrible conditions.

I visited Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre to meet some of the cats which had been abandoned as part of an assignment at uni. The cattery can provide a temporary home for up to twenty cats and it takes anywhere between a few days and a few months to rehome the cats at the centre. Although the cats were well looked after by staff and volunteers, it was still sad to see them in a solitary room rather than a home. Head to their website to meet animals which are up for adoption at the centre.

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We also had the opportunity to create a documentary about something we’d want to change peoples perceptions on, I was in a group of dog lovers and we chose to base our project on Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Staffies are known as ‘death row dogs’ to rescuers because they are the most common breed which have to be euthanised as they are difficult to rehome.  We spoke to an expert, an animal rescue centre and a staffie rescue charity to learn more about staffies and why they have been unfairly stigmatised, have a look below.


*Disclaimer: I receive a digital subscription to Vegan Life Mag for free, but all views expressed are my own.

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