Review: Tesco hair and face products

My quest to find hair and beauty products that aren’t tested on animals often takes me to the most unexpected places, when I was trawling around Tesco trying to find some cruelty free shampoo and conditioner I was surprised (and slightly concerned) to find that the only brand which stated on the bottle that it was cruelty free was their own. In celebration of this new discovery, I decided to try some of their other products, safe in the knowledge that animals didn’t have to go through this kind of treatment to get on the shelves.




As a lifelong coconut fan I was always going to go for the coconut and almond milk shampoo and conditioner. Some of the other varieties they had on offer smelt quite sweet but if you’re impartial to the scent of apple & aloevera or raspberry & pomegranate they also do those. Each bottle is only 80p which is an incredible bargain but unfortunately the consistency of both the shampoo and conditioner is extremely liquid-y. When I first tried these out the consistency reminded me of those massive bottles of ketchup you get at burger vans! But on a positive note the products do leave my hair silky smooth and smelling wonderfully of coconuts. I would recommend this Tesco shampoo and conditioner to people who have fine hair or wash their hair daily as they leave your hair feeling lightweight and super clean.

On a side note: during my latest trip to Tesco I noticed a more snazzy looking set of shampoo and conditioner who’s packaging was giving me a Pantene sort of vibe, I’m definitely going to try that after my coconut and almond milk adventure.


After picking up cruelty free shampoo and conditioner I skipped happily away into the depths of Tesco, noticing first this range of Pro Formula skincare range which has been scientifically developed for Tesco. I had never heard of it before but it turns out it does a great range of products including shave gel and hairspray.

Both these face washes were £2.50 each and I decided to get one of each because you shouldn’t exfoliate your face everyday (according to my mum). The brightening foaming face wash smells fresh and zesty and is a good one to start the day with, it also clears away light make up. I think I prefer the exfoliating face scrub because it makes your face feel really clean and leaves your face feeling moisturised, as well as smelling delicious. I’ve certainly enjoyed using both of these face washes and they definitely helped bring my skin back to life after eating and drinking naughty things at Bestival a few weeks ago.

Is there any amazing cruelty free products you’d recommend I try? Comment below or tweet me @evehewitt – I’m always looking for the next amazing thing in ethical beauty!


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